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Save big and protect yourself with these cheap antivirus deals from Webroot

Save big and protect yourself with these cheap antivirus deals from Webroot
(Image credit: Webroot)

It is not an attractive purchase, but getting a cheap antivirus deal is the best way of getting that purely utilitarian, useful, and important acquisition done. The good news is that we have a decent idea of what it takes to be considered among the best antivirus going and have a few favourites as a result. And today, one of those top performers, Webroot, has some great discounts going on their software, turning their packagers into some great cheap antivirus deals with up to $50 off in the US and up to £16 off in the UK. 

Webroot's main strengths are in its lightweight nature: it's light on system resources, and it shows. Webroot takes up a tiny amount of hard drive space, takes seconds to install, and the amount of RAM it needs is minute. Plus - praise be - there are no enormous updates too. 

However, this lightweight approach to the program doesn't mean you're getting a lightweight product. It has plenty of solid features on top of the usual suspects including a firewall and network monitor, anti-ransomware, smart behavior monitoring, and accurate real-time anti-phishing.

It really is the one to beat, particularly if you're after something that won't drain your machine's precious resources while gaming. Webroot's 70-day 100% money-back guarantee suggests it's confident in the product, too. However, bear in mind that this is only for PCs and Macs. Still, that might play into your hands if your household has just multiplied its computer population due to working from home and an increase in entertainment machines!

We know it's hard to get really excited about but at least with this cheap antivirus deal, you can enjoy getting an absolute bargain. It's still important as there are plenty of nasties out there which can ruin the use of your machines.

Webroot antivirus | from $19.99 for one year at Webroot US
There are several packages on offer right now, but a full year's worth of a protection for one device at an impulse purchase-worthy twenty bucks is a great start. This and the other two offers are a limited-time deal by the way, and will only run for the next 24 hours or so - probably less by the time you're reading this.View Deal

Webroot antivirus | from £15.99 for one year at Webroot UK
Slightly different offers are available for UK readers, but still starting off at low prices for great packages. You can even get Webroot's largest and most comprehensive packages for five whole devices for less than fifty quid. Bargain.View Deal

Remember, antivirus software like Bitdefender can also protect your mobile devices. So, even if you have top of the range gadgets like one of the best gaming phones or best gaming tablet it's worth checking out a deal to get your device protected.

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