Save a massive £270 on this Alienware 34-inch 4K 120Hz curved screen with NVIDIA G-SYNC and customisable lighting

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There's a lot going for this massive Alienware 4K 34-inch screen besides the £270 saving. As well as that enormous 21:9 ratio display letting you see even more of your game, there's NVIDIA G-SYNC to ensure you never have to worry about screen tear again (providing you have the right hardware, anyway), and AlienFX lighting to enhance the viewing experience. That AlienFX lighting is a fully customisable system with dynamic effects that link directly to the game using RGB, and four independent lighting zones.

Even without the additional tech you're still getting a large 34-inch, 4K (3440x1440) curved gaming monitor that can hit an enviable 120Hz. It also uses a new, fast 'Nano Color IPS' technology that gives it a 2ms response time, for perfect colours and no wash out from any viewing angle. 

While all that tech will make sure the games look great, port access via the monitor stand (which includes downlights, touch sensor, and a VESA mount) will ensure your set up looks good too. Cable management is a feature of the design with quick-access ports on the underside of the monitor and a cable pass-through in the stand.

Alienware 34-inch 4K 120Hz curved screen (NVIDIA G-SYNC, AlienFX customisable lighting system) | £1,100

Alienware 34-inch 4K 120Hz curved screen (NVIDIA G-SYNC, AlienFX customisable lighting system) | £1,100 £829 at Amazon UK (save £270)
If you're on the lookout for a new monitor, and one that really does the business, this curved Alienware screen is a fair shout. Besides offering 120Hz, it also has 4K capabilities, G-SYNC to avoid screen-tearing, and a very nice lighting system to up the wow-factor. Lovely.

In terms of what you can plug in that includes options for power, HDMI and DisplayPort, audio line-out, Headphone jack, 4 x USB 3.1 Gen 1, USB upstream and, obviously, power. Finally, a height adjustable tilt and swivel arrangement means you can always set it up just right.

If you're after something else in terms of a screen then take a look at the Black Friday gaming monitor deals.

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