Sandra Bullock is just One Of The Guys

Tabloid shocker! Sandra Bullock has exclusively revealed that she is, in fact, a man! Oh, hang on… no. It’s just a new comedy that she’s agreed to star in. And it’s not even about a woman who discovers she used to be a man.

One Of The Guys, which 20th Century Fox has now plucked from the development cauldron, was pitched by writers Tom and Tim Mullen, and follows the story of a burping, farting, sports-loving guy’s gal; the sort of woman who only has men friends and can’t abide all that shopping, gossiping and dating nonsense. But then her man mates are thrown into chaos when she decides it’s time to explore her inner babe.

Now we don’t want to stick up a hand and point out that this sounds similar to the plot of Miss Congeniality (tomboy FBI agent embraces feminine side to help solve beauty pageant threat), but we’ll just have to hope the writers have come up with a funny, different spin.

Fingers crossed, people. Fingers… What do you mean, you don’t care? Cynics.

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