Saints Row: The Third teaming up with Adult Swims Tim and Eric for awkward comedy

We’ve seen so many screens and videos for Saints Row: The Third that we’re almost overwhelmed by the extreme absurdity of it all, and now THQ seems to be trying to push us over the limit of craziness we can take. The publisher is teaming up with Adult Swim superstars Tim and Eric for what’s sure to be one of the weirdest things ever created to sell a game. Here’s just a taste of Tim and Eric’s Saints Row insanity…

Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim crafted some of the strangest (and funniest) late night cable TV of the last decade, and they seem like a great fit Saints Row to bring to life. The above video was just a preview of the full-length live action special the pair created to make Professor Genki’s deadly reality show to life. The full thing will appear around the internet November 4. Just make sure to watch out for Spagett!

BONUS VIDEO WEIRDNESS: We also got a new Cherished Memories video for Row, this time demonstrating the dangers of driving a motorcycle.

Henry Gilbert

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