Saints Row: The Third getting CheapyD DLC for free, homie

Money will get you everywhere in Saints Row: The Third, and as self-proclaimed c-list celebrity CheapyD experienced, it also has some sway over Steelport in the real world. Last year, the Cheap Ass Gamer owner won a charity auction to be included as an NPC in Volition's open-world gangster sim. Now, Volition has revealed they liked CheapyD so much, they're releasing him as a free DLC homie next week.

Get acquainted with newest Saint in the CheapyD DLC trailer:

“Even if I bought my way in, it's still an incredible honor for me to be included in this outstanding video game,” wrote CheapyD, explaining, “After downloading this DLC, you'll be able to call me up on your cell and have me shoot people in the face for you. Or, as you can see in the above trailer, you can set me on fire and listen to me scream like a young woman.”

CheapyD won the honor by donating $1,725 to a charity auction organized by Volition. The original deal was just to have him voice a few lines for a random NPC, however the studio felt Steelport needed more CheapyD, so they invited him back for a meatier encore.

The CheapyD DLC will arrive for Xbox 360, PS3, Steam, and OnLive players on January 17, the same day Saints Row: The Third's first mission pack, Genkibowl VII, also drops. Check out Volition's announcement for instructions on how to download the new homie for your system of choice.

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