Sacha Baron Cohen is Sherlock Holmes

Looks like Guy Ritchie will have a little competition in his aim to update the Sherlock Holmes character for a new moviegoing audience – but not serious competition.

No, Holmes is also getting an Apatow-flavoured comedy makeover with the producer reuniting two of the Talladega Nights team in the lead roles. Yes, Sacha Baron Cohen signing on as Holmes and Will Ferrell has agreed to play Watson.

Tropic Thunder’s Etan Cohen is hard at work writing the script, but there’s no director on board yet. Adam McKay’s name springs to mind given the Ferrell/Cohen team-up, but then the Apatow gang successfully handed Pineapple Express to David Gordon Green so maybe a different director could work. Perhaps someone who needs a light, comedy palate cleanser after delivering a dark yet superb superhero thriller? Paging Chris Nolan!

Variety knows it is elementary, dear readers.

Source: ( Variety )