Rumour Mill: Ocean's Thirteen and Star Trek casting

Lavish locations? Check. Brad, Matt, Don and the gang? Check. Script? Ah well, the important thing is that Ocean's Thirteen is bringing the light-fingered, back-slapping bunch of beautiful people back together for another slick adventure.

According to reports, another fella rumoured to be joining the team on their latest heist-fest is Hugh Grant. The Love Actually star is apparently being chased by George Clooney’s Section 8 production company to add that final touch of Rat Pack panache.

“I love George, and the fact that he films his movies so quickly also makes me happy,” Grant told New magazine. “I will look at whatever he has to offer and if it's right then I would jump at the chance.”

The Hollywood rumour mill is also in overdrive about the possibility of Ben Affleck taking the lead in JJ Abrams new Star Trek movie. Abrams is installed as a producer at present and hasn’t committed to direct the final frontier-based flick – but recently reported a scoop suggesting Affleck is being considered for a role.

Abrams recently hinted that he wouldn’t want to touch the legacy of Kirk and Spock, though details are yet to be confirmed.

Trekkies, let us know what you think…

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