Rumor: PS3 may get Google TV software

Late last month, Sony launched its Internet TV, the first (and so far only) TV to incorporate Google TV. The softwareoffers anew way to interactwith internet content and live TV content on the same screen. Users can search for and use apps, browse the internet unrestricted, and perform universal searches across everything connected to the TV.

Now, according to an unnamed "insider,"Google TV may be coming to the PS3.

Above: The Google TV interface

The softwareis built to be directly integrated with televisions, but until enabled TVs saturate the market, other products, like standalone Blu-ray players, are coming equipped with it. And if it works for a Blu-ray player, it'll work on the PS3, right?

Sidequesting.comreportedly has insider information from someone "close to the project"who claims that thePS3 will receive a firmware update to push Google TV to the system early next spring.

In addition to the whole Google TV thing, Sony's mobile phone unit recently announced it will only use Android, Google's mobile OS, for all future smartphone handsets. And speculation continues to soar about a potential PlayStation-branded phone that would also be powered by Google.

Sony wants the Internet TV and Google TV-powered Blu-ray player to be hot sellers for the holiday season, so even if the source is correct,we probably shouldn't expect a PS3 Google TV announcement anytime soon.

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