Ruination of female garments 'isn't meant to be erotic' insists Square-Enix

"We didn't do that because we wanted to show her in a very sexy light," protested Kitase to Eurogamer."It's more like that's reality. If you keep fighting obviously you'll get ripped and damaged and injured and wounded. So we just wanted to make it plausible and realistic. That's all."

Methinks the producer doth protest too much. Let's just have a look, shall we? Here's a frame from one of the cut-scenes of this Parasite Eve spin-off:

Above: Poor Aya seems to be in need of a change of clothes... and some Dettol

Hmmm... there's an argument for both sides. I mean,there's a glimpse of bra, some upper thighand the kind of stomach that would have a million maids pondering the purchase ofa newwashboard. She's also about as cut up as she can get without facing the Twisted in her birthday suit, which is quite a stirring thought. But let's face it - the poor girl also appears to be in a lot of pain. And abdominal lacerationsaren't somethingmost people look for when they're out on a Saturday night.

Then there's the unfortunate realisation that this Aya's beautifully-rendered skin, hair and cloth physics have to go through the PSP's ugly filter. Ready for this?

Above: This in-game screenshot looks great for a PSP game. Can't really say the same for Aya

Yeah... it's not quite as hot now, is it? A blurry cloth texture has ripped to reveal... a slightly grey skin-coloured texture!So if you do buy the game looking for sexy times, you might need just a little bit of your own imagination. That said, surely no-one buys a game for the glimpse of a little more flesh than usual these days, do they? I mean, 20 years ago, it was quite something to seeTyris Flare in a bikini, but times have changed.

Still, open wounds, eh? PHWOAR.

07 Sep, 2010


Justin Towell

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