Rose Byrne joins Get Him To The Greek

Rose Byrne, Mad Men’s Elizabeth Moss and P Diddy himself – Sean Combs – have signed on for Get Me To The Greek.

The comedy, which spins off Russell Brand’s rocker Aldous Snow (below) from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, finds a harried music company intern (Jonah Hill) trying to keep him out of trouble between London and LA for a gig.

Naturally he fails to avoid everything Snow might get into - including hookers and blow.

Interestingly, it looks like Byrne is taking on the role that Emily Blunt was supposed to be playing. Eiher her deal didn't work out, or Fox's Gulliver's Travels is a scheduling behemoth, eating up all other options in its way, much as it did with Iron Man 2.

Penned by Sarah Marshall co-writer/director Nick Stoller, who’s behind the camera again, the pic will start shooting shortly.

[Source: THR ]

Are you ready for more Aldous Snow? Or are you sick of Russell Brand?