Roger Michell finds some Morning Glory

We’re now becoming convinced that somewhere during the shooting of the Lost pilot, JJ Abrams was swiped and replaced with a look-a-like Abramsdroid. Because we simply can’t accept that one man can work on so many projects as a producer. Not content with his TV shows, Star Trek chores and producing duties on several other movies (including monster mash-up Cloverfield), Abrams has signed on to produce Morning Glory for Paramount.

Roger Michell, who last brought the world Venus (and nearly blagged Peter O’Toole an Oscar in the process), has agreed to direct the film since JJ is busy making Trek and also promised his wife he’d find five minutes a week to spend with their kids.

Penned by The Devil Wears Prada scriptwriter Aline Brosh McKenna, the New York-set plot finds a struggling female news producer forced to recruit a vain, pushy, demanding anchorman to save a failing morning show.

Next week, Abrams is expected to announce that he’s producing six new bands’ albums and a yoga DVD.