Roger Avary's prison Tweets exposed as fake

Back in September Oscar-winning screenwriter Roger Avary was jailed for a year and five months after killing a passenger and injuring his wife in a crash while driving under the influence of alcohol.

Clearly keen to keep up his writing skills, Avary started Tweeting from inside Ventura County Jail.

His Twitter page hit the news last week, offering gloomy insights into his incarceration (alas, it's no longer public, so there's no point providing the link).

Examples included: "Night falls, and the only real activity is an endless recounting of the terrible and pointless events that brought us all to this sad place".

And "The breakfast oatmeal comes in large sacks with a picture of a horse on them and labelled 'Not intended for human consumption.'"

But it now appears that Avary was actually on a work release programme, only returning to the facility at nights and weekends and working normally during the day.

So, far from being a steely insight into the hellishness of low-security prison life, the Tweets were just a cosy little diary of occasional observations tapped in by a man reclining in his big massive home bed on a posh laptop with a beer by his side. We'd imagine.

Still, according to the Ventura Sheriff's spokesman Captain Ross Bonfiglio, Avary has now been placed in Ventura County Jail under proper full-time lock and key.

Bonfiglio claims the Twittering had nothing to do with the change and that it happened for "security reasons".

Bit of a coincidence, we reckon. Do you agree? Did you get a chance to check out his Twitterage? Let us know below...