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Robert Pattinson cast in David Cronenbergs Cosmopolis

Robert Pattinson

Twilight ’s very own be-quiffed, mopy vampire Robert Pattinson finally has something to smile about – he’s just joined the cast of David Cronenberg’s new film.

Cosmopolis is based on the novel by Don Delillo, and follows a life in the day of a newly-married billionaire, who manages to cheat on his wife, get stalked, assaulted lose his fortune all in the space of 24 hours.

It’s a big break for Pattinson, who’s still attempting to snap free of the Twilight franchise. Between this and his upcoming Water For Elephants , he’s making some very wise decisions in that respect.

With Cosmopolis , Pattinson replaces Colin Farrell, who was forced to depart in order to shoot the Total Recall reboot. Marion Cotillard also stars as Pattinson’s wife, while Paul Giamatti will play one of his two stalkers. We're sure R-Pattz empathises with the latter...