Robert De Niro rumoured for Machete?

While we're filing this one strictly under Rumour Control, it's certainly interesting: Robert De Niro might be joining the Machete movie.

Robert Rodriguez has been harboring plans for a while to turn his Grindhouse trailer into a full fledged riot of violence and blood.

And now Bloody Disgusting has a tip that he is lining up cast members.

The biggest name? Robert De Niro. He's apparently planning to play an evil senator in the film, taking over the role from Jeff Fahey, who appeared in the original trailer.

Also considering parts are Jonah Hill and Michelle Rodriguez, playing characters named Julio and Luz.

If they have signed, they'll be joining Machete himself, Danny Trejo.

For those who have never seen the trailer (embedded above and decidedly NSFW) it's the tale of a former Federale in hiding as a day labourer who is hired to assassinate a politician.

But it's a double cross, and his corrupt boss leaves him for dead. Machete, however, is not a man to cross...

Rodriguez will apparently start shooting on July 29, with co-directing duties handled by Ethan Maniquis.

We're sure he'll spill more at Comic Con, so keep your browser pointed here for more info.

[Source: Bloody Disgusting ]

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