Rob Zombie adds one of The Brady Bunch to Lords Of Salem

Rob Zombie’s upcoming The Lords of Salem has a growing all-star cast, which already includes the likes of Barbara Crampton, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Bruce Davidson, Sheri Moon Zombie, Billy Drago and Meg Foster.

But it seems that Mr Zombie is gratifying his nostalgic side by adding yet another familiar face to the bill.

"Pork chops and applesauce head to Salem! What the fuck does that mean? Of course it means Christopher Knight has joined our group."

"Chris plays Keith Williams aka Lobster Joe the host of Lobster Joe's Fishy Fun Show a staple of local Salem television."

Christopher Knight's most recognisable role is Peter Brady from the infamous The Brady Bunch . Yep, that Brady Bunch.

Now, we know that Zombie is a pop-culture fiend, but we kind of assumed his tastes were a little more, well, fiendish.

Having said that, the thought of a young Zombie singing along to the Brady Bunch theme tune every Friday night fills us with quite a lot of giddy joy.

The Lords of Salem is about a DJ who accidentally unleashes an evil curse onto the titular town, which was famously the site of several witchcraft trials in the 17th Century.

The Lords of Salem will be released in 2012. And we're sure it'll be as relentlessly bleak as Zombie's previous flicks, even if it does now involve a Brady.