RICO London brings old-school FPS action to consoles next month

RICO London
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RICO London is launching next month on September 2.

Earlier today, RICO London developer Ground Shatter announced that the follow-up to the first-person shooter would be launching next month on September 2 in Europe. Right now, the game will receive a physical release on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5, and will be available digitally on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC platforms.

If you're unfamiliar with RICO London, it's a follow-up to a shooter that deliberately paid tribute to the classic FPS games of old, styled around cel-shaded visuals with fast-paced action. You can see the announcement trailer for the sequel just above, where protagonist D.I. Redfern and her partner Ahmad Khan set about taking out the goons of London.

Slow-mo abilities are key to gunning your way through the horde of criminals in RICO London and emerging alive with your partner. Speaking of, you can play RICO London either solo or through online or local co-op play, and you can even get two players gunning around London together on the same Nintendo Switch version of the game.

RICO London actually features procedurally generated levels, as it's meant for replaying without ever knowing who's lurking around the corner. You'll also be able to toggle between permadeath and friendly fire modes, which can seriously ramp up the difficulty, especially when healing is restricted to the medical kits you'll scavenge around London's high-rises. RICO London should be a blast 

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