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Rian Johnson talks The Brothers Bloom

Since sizzling our screens with his ace debut Brick, Rian Johnson hasn’t been indulging in any laurel sitting. Instead, as well as getting the word out about Brick, he’s been planning his follow-up. And now he’s revealed the details to CHUD. “It’s called The Brothers Bloom – and it’s about these two guys who grow up in and out of foster homes as kids and they learn to survive by becoming con men. It starts out with this ten-minute sequence of them pulling their first con as kids. It has a kind of Paper Moon type feel to it, that opening sequence. But in the rest of the movie it’s them as adults. It’s not period but it’s very much its own world, if that makes any sense.”

He’s been busy while visiting the UK, taking meetings with possible cast members and sorting out the financing. There are naturally no cast announcements yet, but we’ll bring you the news as we get it. You can check out the rest of the interview by clicking here .

Johnson also makes mention of the film’s website, which is still very much a teaser site, but promises more to come. “There are some storyboards. It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten to work with professional storyboard artists and I’m so buzzing about it. I can’t draw worth shit – actually on the UK version of the Brick DVD I did a little storyboard to scene comparison. It’s pure comedy – you have these little stick figures lined up against an actual image. So for me to work with an actual artist and see the stuff come together, I got pretty excited about it – probably prematurely so – and I tossed a couple of things up on the Internet.” Head on over to see it by clicking here .