Amazing Spider-Man release date set for June 26, Rhino stomps around in new trailer

Rhino (aka Aleksei Sytsevich) has been hounding Spider-Man since the 1960s, so it comes as little surprise that today he's being “revealed” as one of the main super-villains in Beenox's The Amazing Spider-Man. That said, while Rhino's appearance in Spidey's next game is to be expected, his new look may catch a few fans off guard. Check it out:

Beenox's The Amazing Spider-Man represents a return to open-world Spider-Man games, which were replaced in recent years by more linear installments such as Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time. Developed as an epilogue to this summer's Hollywood reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man will feature villains who owe their powers and monstrous appearances to failed Oscorp experiments, rather than bulky suits and bad tempers.

“In the spirit of the film, the game is taking a new look at Spidey’s origins, including his nemeses,” said Beenox's Stephane Gravel in a chat with IGN. “Building upon our main storyline, [Rhino's] creation is based on a genetic experiment, which also ties to the overall story arc of the game.”

Gravel explained Rhino's main mission in The Amazing Spider-Man isn't to kill Peter Parker, but simply survive in New York after escaping from Oscorp. Speaking to Aleksei's half-man-half-rhino look, he added, “We’ve taken a fresh approach to Rhino, inspired by the tone of the movie. His origin is more grounded, more realistic. He’s a grittier, more animalistic and more visceral version of Rhino, his thoughts complicated by a vague sense of who he used to be and overwhelming feelings of fear and sorrow.”

The Amazing Spider-Man lands gracefully for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, and 3DS on June 26. Watch Spidey take on enemies of the robotic kind the latest Spike Video Game Awards.

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