Revealed: Complete Mother's Basement Art

A glorious four-page piece by Gary Erskine and Yel Zamor, plus an apology for its inaccurate placement in SFX magazine

You may have seen some artwork in the latest issue of SFX , created for Mother's Basement by comics artist Gary Erskine and colourist Yel Zamor . The sensational four-page sequence is a packed celebration of geek, sci-fi and superhero culture.

Unfortunately, due to a production error at our end, the images were printed in the wrong sequence, ruining the effect. We apologise to everybody involved, including the readers of our print edition who have not had the opportunity to experience the art as it was intended to be seen. (The error has been corrected for our digital edition readers .) So today we present in full the Mother's Basement pages from SFX 239. You will be able to see these pages again in a future issue of the magazine too.

Here you can see a strip in the correct order, as they should have appeared. Click on it to see the bigger size.

Thanks again to Mother's Basement, the memorabilia and pop culture store , and to Gary Erskine and Yel Zamor, who you'll agree have created a sensational piece of art here.