Resistance's community website hacked by hackers

Hackers took a few months off after taking down the PlayStation Network and a number of other websites, but it appears their vacation is over. Only a week after defacing the Steam forums and digging into users' personal information, hackers have apparently targeted MyResistance and GlobalResistance, two Resistance websites run by Sony.

Both the community side, MyResistance, and the strategy game, Global Resistance, were taken offline due to an intrusion from hackers, though Sony has confirmed that no credit card information has been taken (because neither website actually collects credit card information). "SCEA discovered unexpected activity on its Resistance website,, which includes the Resistance forums and the online free strategy game, Global Resistance," Sony told Kotaku. "As a result, the website was taken down. does not collect any credit card information, and we are working to get the site back up as soon as possible."

In other words, they don't have your credit card information, but they probably have your e-mail address, and they may have your password, too. That is, of course, unless Sony learned from its mistakes and made sure to encrypt the passwords this time. If they did make sure to encrypt it this time, than the hackers likely have a bunch of e-mail addresses they really can't do anything with. If they didn't, well, than you may want to change any shared passwords, and prepare for a lot of outrage from security experts, lawyers, and the gaming community.

Hollander Cooper

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