Resident Evil Village DLC - What's going on?

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A Resident Evil Village DLC is in the making. The upcoming expansion was announced by developer Capcom during their E3 2021 presentation on June 14th. Although the Resident Evil Village announcement was very brief and information is still limited, this must be welcome news to many Resident Evil fans.

From the Resident Evil Village DLC release date to player theories, here's everything we know about the Resident Evil Village DLC so far. 

Resident Evil Village DLC release date

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During their E3 2021 presentation, Capcom showed a black screen with the following announcement: "By popular demand, development has just started on additional DLC for Resident Evil Village. More info later." 

Nothing else was shared about the untitled Resident Evil Village DLC. As the upcoming multiplayer component, Resident Evil Re:Verse, got delayed to this summer (and still doesn't have a more specific release date), Capcom will probably focus on that release first. 

Furthermore, Capcom's announcement makes it sound as if the Resident Evil Village  DLC plans were a recent decision: "by popular demand". Strengthened by the fact that Capcom didn't have anything to show at E3 yet, it looks like development is just starting. Based on that assumption, the Resident Evil Village DLC release date will likely be more than a few months away.

Resident Evil Village DLC story - what can we expect from the new expansion?

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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard wound up getting with two story expansions: Not a Hero and End of Zoe, as well as a duo of DLC packs with a bunch of mini-games. If Resident Evil Village follows a similar roadmap, we could see the story expand with DLC exploring different characters' perspectives during Ethan Winters' time at the titular village. One popular theory is that the upcoming DLC will have you take control of Chris Redfield, which happens in both of Resident Evil 7's story expansions.

Will the Resident Evil DLC have Lady Dimitrescu in it?

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We just know that this is the question on many Resident Evil players' minds right now. However, it doesn't seem very likely that the Resident Evil Village DLC will be about Lady Dimitrescu specifically, as we already got her full story in the Resident Evil 8 base game. Then again, a Resident Evil Village DLC with Lady D in it would definitely sell. As Capcom undoubtedly thought about this, perhaps we'll discover a previously hidden part of her character arc after all. 

Resident Evil Village DLC theories - Ada Wong as a plague doctor and more

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Although the idea of a Lady Dimitrescu or Chris Redfield DLC seems popular with fans, there are a few more options. Let's go over some of the most popular alternatives:

  • Ada Wong as plague doctor. This theory is very popular because fan-favorite character Ada Wong was originally meant to make an appearance in Resident Evil Village. Although she ultimately didn't make the cut, released concept art of Ada disguised as a plague doctor has fans hoping that Capcom might reuse this storyline in their Resident Evil 8 DLC.
  • Elena in the Village prequel. As the Village itself was one of the most popular aspects of Resident Evil 8, it's not unlikely that the DLC will feature more Village content. Many fans are suggesting that Elena might be the logical character to take us on a new Village adventure. If it turns out to be true, then the DLC story would take place before the events in the base game unfold. 
  • More Mother Miranda. If the Resident Evil Village DLC goes back in time, additional Mother Miranda backstory could be the main theme. However, as we already got closure on the Mother Miranda story during the base game, it's not that likely.
  • Mini games. The Resident Evil 8 DLC could add extra gameplay and challenges, perhaps somewhat similar to the current Mercenary Mode. However, as Resident Evil players will expect extra story-driven content, this would likely be in addition to any of the other possibilities.

Who will appear in the upcoming Resident Evil Village DLC; Chris, Ada, Lady D, or someone else? Perhaps Capcom will surprise us all and make the Duke our DLC hero? You never know.

For something to keep you spooked out in the wait for Resident Evil Village DLC, check out our list of the best horror games to play in 2021, or reflect back on the E3 2021 showcase for 2022. 

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