Resident Evil Re:Verse is a multiplayer game that sees classic characters fighting each other

Resident Evil Re:Verse
(Image credit: Capcom)

Resident Evil Re:Verse has been revealed as part of the Resident Evil Showcase.

If the surprise announcement of a brand new multiplayer experience wasn’t enough, it was also confirmed by Resident Evil Village producer Tsuyoshi Kanda that it'll be free to Resident Evil 8 players.

The tongue-in-cheek tone of Resident Evil: Re:Verse sees you taking charge of popular Resident Evil characters and pitting them against other icons from the series. In the short gameplay clip during the show, we see Leon and Claire try to blast each other full of bullets in the Raccoon City Police department, with even more stalwarts of the series then joining the action. 

In a press release from Capcom, it confirms that players will take part in four-to-six player deathmatches on maps based on locations from the series. With the RPD confirmed, we can’t wait to see what other areas we might get to fight (prays to any god that will listen for some Resi 4 locations). 

On top of that, death in Resident Evil Re:Verse isn’t the end, as players will be able to spawn back in as a Bioweapon to strike back against the foes who downed them. If taking on Leon S. Kennedy wasn’t hard enough already…

It’s been a big day for Resident Evil fans already, with the reveal of the Resident Evil Village release date, as well as the Resident Evil Maiden demo, and a Resident Evil and The Division 2 crossover. Yes, really.

Relieve the Resident Evil showcase here. 

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