How to watch the Resident Evil showcase for new Resident Evil 8 gameplay

Resident Evil 8
(Image credit: Capcom)

The Resident Evil showcase is taking place later today, January 20, and you can watch the entire thing right here.

Firstly, the Resident Evil showcase will be kicking off at 2PM PT / 5PM ET / 10PM GMT. As for where you can watch it, you can see the full livestream ready to go from the official PlayStation YouTube channel just below, so you can stay on this page and click play on the video below at the corresponding time later today.

As for what we're expecting from the Resident Evil showcase itself, there'll obviously be a big focus on Resident Evil 8. When the showcase was first announced last week, Capcom revealed that there'll be a guided tour around a certain section of the upcoming horror game, and the PlayStation Blog post reveals that producer Peter Fabiano himself will be acting as your guide.

However, there's also going to be a "few more surprises" from Capcom surrounding the Resident Evil franchise, according to the aforementioned PlayStation Blog post. Right now, there's no telling what these announcements could be, but we're certainly in for a treat.

Keep in mind that one of these "surprises" could be the reveal of the mysterious new Resident Evil multiplayer game. Last week, Capcom quietly announced that closed testing signups were live for a multiplayer game set within the Resident Evil universe, but no additional details were offered on the project.

There's still time to sign up to take part in the closed testing phase for the unannounced game. There's two waves of signups of the game, and you can still put yourself forward to be eligible through the game's teaser website.

Additionally, we could hear further details about the upcoming Resident Evil Netflix series. The subscription service first announced the show last year, but we've heard little about the project since it was first unveiled. The series is still slated to launch this year however, so now would be a perfect opportunity to reveal some new details.

What's certain is that this is going to be a big event for Resident Evil. 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the series, since it was first created by Capcom all the way back in 1996. With a game, tv series, and other projects in the works this year, Resident Evil fans are in for a treat later today.

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