Resident Evil meets The Division 2 in a new crossover event coming next month

The Division 2
(Image credit: Capcom / Massive)

The Division 2 is getting a surprise Resident Evil crossover next month.

Capcom and Division developer Massive Entertainment confirmed the surprise crossover during today's big Resident Evil 8 showcase. As Massive associate creative director Yannick Banchereau explained, a medley of skins and weapons plucked from the original Resident Evil trilogy are coming to the game in celebration of the series' 25th anniversary. 

The event will run from February 2 through February 15, and you'll get a free Leon Kennedy Racoon City police department skin just for logging in during this period. Other outfits and weapons spanning STARS to Umbrella will also be up for grabs throughout the event, though we're still waiting on some specifics. 

On one hand, Resident Evil and The Division 2 are sort of an odd pair, especially since this crossover is focusing on the original games which pushed horror elements more heavily than action-driven entries like Resident Evil 4. On the other hand, The Division 2 is also a game about surviving in a city devastated by a deadly outbreak, so perhaps Leon and the gang will feel right at home. 

This crossover was one of the stranger reveals at today's Resident Evil showcase, and it was far from the only one. We've finally got a Resident Evil Village release date to add to the calendar, and with Resident Evil 8 PS4 and Xbox One versions now confirmed, the long-awaited sequel is looking more available than ever. 

You won't have to wait until release date to try the next Resident Evil: a PS5-exclusive Resident Evil Maiden demo is out tonight, and a multiplatform demo will be released later this spring. 

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