Resident Evil Village originally featured the return of a fan-favorite character

Resident Evil Village review
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Resident Evil Village was originally set to feature one particularly beloved character. 

Be warned, there are minor spoilers for Resident Evil Village here!

As you can see below, original concept art for Resident Evil Village reveals that none other than Ada Wong was originally meant to feature in the game (thanks, IGN). This concept art can be found within the Trauma Pack DLC for Village, which is included with the collector's, deluxe, or complete editions of Capcom's new horror game.

Resident Evil Village

(Image credit: Capcom)

Additionally, Ada Wong's scrapped role has been uncovered. Annotation by Resident Evil Village art director Tomonori Takano reveals that Ada was originally going to be investigating the titular village alongside protagonist Ethan Winters. In fact, Ada was even going to don the plague doctor disguise seen in the concept art above to save Ethan from a courtroom trial.

Unfortunately, both Ada and the courtroom trial were ultimately cut from Resident Evil Village. Considering the tenth entry in Capcom's horror franchise already has the likes of Mother Miranda, Lady Dimitrescu, Heisenburg, Moreau, and Donna acting as primary antagonists to the player, it's easy to see why the addition of Ada Wong could've been a plot point too far for the game.

Still, it's fascinating to think that Capcom would have had Ada Wong returning for the sequel, alongside series stalwart Chris Redfield. We'd be incredibly interested to see how Ada would have functioned alongside Ethan and Chris, if her character would've changed at all from Resident Evil 2 and 5, and whether she would've played an antagonistic role to the player.

Here's hoping the future of Capcom's horror franchise holds more for the fan-favorite character, because after Resident Evil Village, the horror saga clearly isn't riding off into the sunset anytime soon. To see what we made of the latest entry in the ongoing horror saga, head over to our Resident Evil Village review for more.

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