Resident Evil star Lance Reddick responds to Netflix cancellation: "We made a hell of a show"

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Resident Evil star Lance Reddick has shared his reaction to the Netflix show getting cancelled after just one season. The actor, who played Albert Wesker in the zombie series, took to Twitter on August 28 to post a video of himself addressing its axing – and gave a shout-out to those who watched and enjoyed all 8 episodes. 

In it, he said: "As all of you are well aware by now, our show Resident Evil on Netflix has been canceled. The haters and the trolls notwithstanding, I want to give a special thank you to all the fans who watched the show, got what we were doing and really loved it, because there are a hell of a lot of you."

Reddick went on to praise Resident Evil showrunners Mary Leah Sutton and Andrew Dabb, describing them as his "fearless leaders", as well his fellow cast members. "We worked our asses off," he stated. "We had a great time, and we made a hell of a show. Thank you. Onward and upward."

Loosely based on the video game series of the same name by Capcom, Resident Evil is set across two timelines. One of those centers on Jade (Ella Balinska) and Billie (Adeline Rudolph), two sisters who move to planned community New Raccoon City after their father (Reddick) lands a high-flying job at bioweapons Umbrella Corporation. The other takes place 14 years later, as Jade tries to survive an apocalypse brought about by the T-virus outbreak. 

Released in July, it failed to prove popular with critics, earning a 55% score on Rotten Tomatoes. GamesRadar+ awarded it just two and a half stars, and argued that it "isn't a good post-apocalyptic thriller." Our review continues: "It's not a terrifying hide-behind-the-sofa zombie-fest. It's barely a Resident Evil show. At this early juncture – we were given the first four episodes for review – it's hard to pinpoint what this show is. Should you avoid this like the plague? There are a few shining lights to keep you invested, but this joins the increasingly-packed bargain bin of flawed video game adaptations."

Resident Evil is available to stream now. If you’ve already watched it, or horror just isn’t your bag, then check out our list of the best Netflix shows for some viewing inspiration.

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