Resident Evil Afterlife Will Be A Major Leap Forward, Says Director

SFX clusive: Paul Anderson has returned to direct the latest Resident Evil film, and he’s promising that it’s not going to be just more of the same

Speaking exclusively to Red Alert in SFX 200 , Resident Evil Afterlife director Paul WS Anderson reveals that the latest entry in the film franchise won’t be just more of the same: “I wanted to make the conceptual jump that Cameron made between The Terminator and Terminator 2 … He kind of rebooted his own franchise in a way, and that’s what I wanted to do with this, to elevate it to the next level.”

Anderson is returning to helm a Resident Evil movie for the first time since the first film (though he’s been overseeing the others in between), and this time, it’s in 3D. “I felt that if I was going to come back and do another Resident Evil , I wanted it to be the best yet. As filmmakers, we have a responsibility if we’re asking an audience member to go and pay a premium price for 3D, and I felt to live up to that responsibility you have to originate the movie in 3D, design the sets for 3D cameras and edit in 3D. We’re actually the first movie to edit in 3D – even for Cameron, the technology didn’t exist.”

Read the full interview in SFX 200 , out next Wednesday.

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