Remember GTA Online’s early days? Red Dead Online is already doing better

In its early days GTA was a lawless wasteland, famed for the fact that some players lost $2000 every time they died, couldn’t run in apartments, and sometimes had to fistfight their mechanic in order to drive their own car? Well, according to Seeking Alpha Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has said that "Red Dead Online is performing better than Grand Theft Auto Online did at the same stage of the game". Red Dead Online is out of beta as of right now, so Strauss clarified that its comparative success is based on the game’s "initial release and the movement into beta", although Strauss doesn’t mention what kind of data they’re basing this success on. 

With regular updates that encourage new players to reach Rank 10, or making changes that are meant to prevent griefing, Red Dead Online sounds like its already infinitely more playable than its predecessor GTA Online. Unless you like the idea of the chaos that characterised GTA Online’s early days, like some sort of money-pile-burning Joker figure. But even if you prefer gunning it down the streets in a supercar to galloping through the wilderness on a loyal steed, Red Dead Online is doing its damnedest to make the game as appealing as possible for potential players: new co-op and freeroam missions are already nestled into Red Dead Online, plus you can now play Poker with friends or strangers to get some sweet sweet cash. 

If reading all that has got you in the mood to play Red Dead Online, here’s some Red Dead Online tips or look below to see how you can customise your character!

Zoe Delahunty-Light

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