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Remedy reveals development updates for four new games

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Control developer Remedy has revealed new details about their upcoming slate of games.

In a Q1 2021 business report published earlier today through Remedy's official website (opens in new tab), the developer commented on several upcoming projects, now that they're all wrapped up with Control. "The Crossfire team is finalizing the single-player operations for Smilegate’s CrossfireX and Crossfire HD. With both of these games launching in 2021, this is a significant year for Crossfire," the details begin.

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We knew that Remedy was developing a AAA game in tandem with publisher Epic Games, and that game is "soon moving into full production," according to the new business report. While Remedy previously announced their deal with Epic to publish a new game last year, we've heard no concrete details so far as to what this new game actually is.

As for Remedy's third game, which is apparently smaller than the aforementioned game with Epic, that's still chugging along nicely in full production. Like the previous project, there's no mention of what this new game actually is, and all we know is that it's ultimately a lot smaller than whatever Remedy is currently developing with Epic Games.

Finally, Remedy has a fourth, free-to-play multiplayer game called Vanguard in development. "We have now defined many of the core elements of the game. Development progresses at a good pace, internal playtesting continues, and we are starting the next phase of closed external gameplay testing," the report says of Remedy's fourth and final game in development.

That's a lot on Remedy's plate. While Crossfire is going to launch this year, bringing a single-player campaign to Smilegate's incredibly popular online shooter, the rest of the projects appear to be at least a year away from launch, with some, like the game set to be published by Epic, not even having entered full production yet. Still, the thought of the Control developer tackling four projects simultaneously, each of varying scopes and scales, is an exciting thought.

Elsewhere in the business report from Remedy, it's revealed that nearly all of Control's internal developers have moved onto other projects within the studio. CEO Tero Virtala talks up the satisfaction of seeing the next-gen versions of Control boasting high 80s scores on Metacritic on all platforms and praising the game as a benchmark for next-gen console ray tracing implementation. To see what we made of Remedy's action game when it originally launched in 2019, head over to our Control review for more.

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Hirun Cryer
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