Red Faction: Armageddon coming May 2011, Saints Row 3 in the fall

THQ has announced the vague-version of their release schedule for the coming year, revealing that Red Faction Armageddon will release May 2011, and that Saints Row 3 is planned for the fall. As for games you care less about: MX vs. ATV Alive is coming spring 2011, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine in the summer, a new WWE game in the fall, and a new UFC game in the winter of 2012. THQ has the seasons covered better than Japanese poetry.

The new, sandbox direction of Red Faction: Guerilla was a regular hullabaloo of havoc, so we've got high hopes for Armageddon. And Saints Row 3 surely won't be like those ooootheeer games, and may involve sewage and other wacky stuff. The game didn't appear at this year's E3 on account of some technology which needed "rebuilding," but according to THQ core games VP, Danny Bilson, it may be revealed at the Spike Video Game Awards this December.

Talking about the Saints Row franchise at E3, Bilson also said, "We've spent an extra year rebuilding the technology for this game. It is absolutely gorgeous and still completely insane." He then jumped onto a table (we presume) and proclaimed, "We're also going to have a collectible card game, we're going to have books, we're going to have merchandise - we're going to build this thing out into the biggest transmedia blowout ever seen."

We imagine that Bilson, out of breath, and with sweat on his brow, then added, "Mwahahaha," but we haven't yet confirmed that THQ is a league of supervillians.

Regarding the release date schedule, THQ President and CEO Brian Farrell said, "THQ's creative organization is delivering a strong pipeline of core game franchises scheduled for release over the next several years, positioning THQ for significant net sales, earnings and cash flow growth. We continue to execute on our plan to deliver great games, market them aggressively and release them in the most advantageous windows." It is reported that several shareholders stroked their chins and gently nodded.

Sep 13, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer