Red Dead Redemption hunting missions guide

Level Nine

Hunt “Khan” the Jaguar and collect his pelt.

This is the first of two missions dealing with legendary animals. Khan the jaguar can be found in Ojo Del Diablo. He can be hard to find so bring some bait with you, and when you do encounter him don’t bother trying to be impressive with your knife. Khan is fast and tough, so just put a bullet to him and be done with it.

Khan Location:

Level Ten

Hunt “Lobo” the Wolf, “Gordo” the Boar, and “Brumas” the Bear.

This last hunting mission requires you to track down three legendary animals scattered at different points across the land. Lobo can be found in the Aurora Basin, Gordo near Stillwater Creek and Brumas near Nekoti Rock. The same deal applies as with Khan; find the legendary animals, shoot them and skin them. Nothing fancy, just get the job done.

Lobo Location:

Gordo Location:

Brumas Location:

Congratulations, you are now a Legendary Master Hunter and can obtain Vittles from skinning animals to restore your health.

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