Check out how Red Dead Redemption 2 lets you grow a magnificent mustache or achieve thiccness

You've probably noticed by now that Red Dead Redemption 2 lets you get a pretty nice mop of hair going. That said, it still can take a surprisingly long time to get Arthur's hair to reach its most extreme length - not to mention the other ways your particular outlaw lifestyle can shape Arthur's physical appearance. You could sink hours (and tons of hair tonic) into shaping Arthur's locks, but why not take a tour of your options first?

Max mustache length

This glorious specimen of facial follicles was submitted by Reddit user craigthelesser. This is the kind of mustache that would make even Sam Elliott green with envy.

Max beard length

Reddit user ChieftaiNZ shares Arthur Morgan at his beardiest, looking like he may have preceded Tim Allen in falling victim to the Santa Clause. Arthur should be able to use his beard for extra satchel space when it gets this big.

Max chops length

YouTuber MELOO captured this most elusive of sights, an Arthur Morgan with full chops and a shorn chin beard (so you can actually tell where the beard ends and the chops begin). I'm pretty sure they'd give you command of an army battalion on the spot if you had facial hair like this back in the day.

Max hair length

Reddit user TheTinyPlunger shares this Arthur Morgan with a lengthy mop of hair (and a respectable, though not extraordinary, beard). Morgan can grow his hair down to his shoulders, but anything past that just wouldn't be practical for his cowboy lifestyle. Just imagine the snarls...

Max weight

Above is a close-up view of Arthur Morgan at average weight on the left and maximum weight on the right, from Reddit user ThomahockN. He looks happier in the heavy pic, don't you think? You go on and live your best life, Arthur.

And this is a full-body front/side shot of thicc Arthur from Reddit user FatChocobro (no, fat video game characters aren't the only thing they post about). Arthur's definitely carrying some extra pounds, but nothing like what CJ from GTA: San Andreas would look like after a Cluckin' Bell bender.

Minimum weight

And we conclude with Reddit user dovelol's minimum weight Arthur, looking both gaunt and wan. Pour some stew down that poor boy's throat before he blows away!

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