Red Dead Online's NPC pianists are now playing Christmas carols across the wild west

Red Dead Online has already made good on its promise to be an ever changing, improving experience under Rockstar's community feedback influenced curation, having already rebalanced its in-game economy and gifted players with numerous Red Dead Online gold bars following a less than optimal launch week in November.

The most recent update, however, slipped in a neat festive treat under the radar to celebrate the Christmas season, and players have already began to discover it throughout the salons and bars of Red Dead Online's multiplayer open world. 

Typically, a certain number of NPCs can be found playing honkey tonkey tunes on pianos across the West, but they're singing something slightly different this week, specifically a series of period authentic Christmas carols, as first noticed by Redditor SkeptaPurple

Players soon found that the NPC pianists everywhere where playing the hymns and tunes all in the Wild West style, including timeless hits like Deck the Halls, Silent Night, Joy to the World, and Good King Wencelas. You can enjoy the entire setlist in the video from Tony StrongStyle above.

I'm sure some Red Dead fans were secretly hoping for the entire map to be covered in snow, Fortnite style, but this stealthy Easter egg is a classic case of Rockstar being Rockstar in the only way it knows how. It's unclear when Red Dead Online's AI musicians will switch back to their regular repertoire of old timey songs, so check out the yuletide singalong before it goes away for good. 

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Alex Avard

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