Red Dead Online players are hiking across the map with bowls of soup for fun

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If you haven't been keeping up with the world of Red Dead Online, you're missing out on one of the most exciting online landscapes of modern gaming. Not only has Rockstar been continually updating the game with the likes of Red Dead Online Roles and more, but the community is brilliant at coming up with all kinds of fun in the Wild West. 

Latest case in point: a PS4 player by the name of Zoobz has been organising regular meet-ups in Red Dead Online, purely for players to grab a bowl of soup and starting sauntering across the Red Dead Redemption 2 map at walking pace. That might sound like a terrible way to waste your time, but so far dozens of cowpokes have taken part, and a YouTube video chronicling the crew's latest pilgrimage has gone viral

"I’ve been hosting Red Dead Online Meets since the first weekend of the beta", Zoobz tells GamesRadar. "I always try to come up with unique and interesting themed meets and make them fun for everyone involved. Sometimes they’re full of mini games, other times we just hang out and explore the world."

Zoobz explains that the latest meet-up was based on The Stew Bowl Challenge posted in the Red Dead Online forums by another player named Slonitram, which tasked the game's community with carrying a bowl of stew from Valentine to Saint Denis without dropping it. Zoobz accepted the rules, organised the details, and even got Slonitram themselves to participate. 

"We started in my camp in the Far East of New Austin, with everyone getting a bowl of stew from my camp stew pot and made our way to Blackwater. Once here we had a quick break. Then we rode to Valentine, for our second long walk. In Valentine, I thought people could freestyle their carrying object from Valentine to Saint Denis. So we went fishing to grab some fish for the walk. Some grabbed stew from the Valentine camp, and some grabbed a beer bottle from the saloon. Once ready we made our way down south towards Saint Denis."

While the journey was littered with accidents, spillages, and a few unfortunate run-ins with enemy players, the team did make it to Saint Denis, soup in hand. Zoobz, meanwhile, is too busy to celebrate, as he's apparently already organising on his next slate of future events for Red Dead Online. A cowpoke's work is never finished. 

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