Red Dead Online glitch lets players hurl themselves miles outside the map

Red Dead Online
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Red Dead Online players have discovered a brand new glitch, and it involves turning themselves into human catapults and launching themselves across the in-game map.

Just below, you can see the discovery of the Red Dead Online glitch, which involves using a certain bridge to catapult yourself across the in-game map, and potentially out of bounds. That was four days ago, and Eurogamer put the glitch to the test earlier today, and discovered that it's actually still alive and well, as they flung their character across miles of land in just a few seconds.

Free fast travel. from r/RedDeadOnline

Players are actually using this glitch to go into out-of-bounds areas for Red Dead Online. One out-of-bounds area that's always fascinated the Red Dead community coming into Red Dead Redemption 2 was Mexico: it was present in the original Red Dead Redemption as a fully playable area, but was never accessible in the 2019 prequel, nor its online component.

As you can see from the Red Dead Online subreddit post below, players are actually using the bridge glitch to make it all the way to Mexico. Eurogamer's own testing of the bridge glitch also saw them hurling themselves over the southern US border. That's one quick way to make an escape to where the law can't hunt you.

With team work and the bridge glitch we managed to get my mate into Mexico and up onto the fort from r/RedDeadOnline

While it doesn't seem as though Rockstar has patched out the exploit for now, you can bet they'll get round to it sooner or later. Also on the horizon for the online mode is its standalone release, as Red Dead Online is set to become its very own standalone game next month in December, for the reduced price of $4.99.

If you're still trucking through the online mode, you can check out our complete Red Dead Online Legendary Bounties guide for how to score some of the more elusive loot items in the game.

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