Razer and Clearbot announce partnership to help protect and clean oceans

Razer x Clearbot partnership
(Image credit: Razer)

Gaming hardware company Razer has partnered with Clearbot to help clean the Earth's oceans.

Dedicated to helping provide a greener, more sustainable future, Razer has now announced a partnership with Clearbot (via PC Gamer). Today, June 8, is World Oceans Day and to celebrate, Razer has announced that it has been working with Clearbot to redesign their AI robot that has been built to clean up marine plastics.

Razer says that its engineers and designers have "volunteered personal time and technical expertise" to help turn Clearbot's prototype into a mass-marketable product. The new design has "cutting-edge AI" and can detect marine plastics within 2 meters in rough waters. It's also capable of collecting up to 250kg of plastics in one cycle and runs on solar-powered energy to do so.

The company details that there are "approximately 11 million tons of plastics entering the oceans each year" and that cleaning enterprises face difficulties with dated technology, the costs, and their efficiency. Clearbot uses AI-vision that can identify the types of plastic waste and collect information. The waste is then responsibly disposed of once retrieved.

In March, Razer announced a 10-year environmental roadmap and a #GoGreenWithRazer initiative in which it aims to help protect the environment. The company aims to use 100% renewable energy by 2025, for all products to use recycled or recyclable materials by 2030, and to be 100% carbon neutral by 2030.

Razer has also announced that its #GoGreenWithRazer movement that aims to save 1 million trees has hit a new milestone. Originally, the target of 100,000 was surpassed within 2-months, and extended to 1 million trees. Currently, 300,000 trees have been saved to date. To keep it going, Razer's Sneki Snek mascot will be launching new merchandise for every 100,000 trees saved. There's already a plushie, head pillow, eye mask, and a floor rug available. The next unlock will be Sneki Snek slippers.

The company will be running its first-ever E3 2021 showcase next week where it will unveil new hardware a day after our Future Games Show Powered by WD_BLACK show. Maybe we'll see Razer's RGB face mask it announced earlier this year officially launching for the public.

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