Rainbow Six Extraction and Riders Republic get another delay

Rainbow Six Extraction
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Riders Republic and Rainbow Six Extraction delays have been officially announced by Ubisoft, though at least the former is still set for 2021.

Ubisoft announced the two delays back-to-back: both games were originally supposed to ship in September, with Riders Republic coming first on September 2 and Rainbow Six Extraction following on September 16. They'll still arrive in that order, but the new release dates mean Riders Republic is now scheduled to drop just under two months later on October 28, and Rainbow Six Extraction will follow early next year in January 2022. Ubisoft is holding off on confirming a specific day for Extraction's arrival.

This isn't the first delay for either title - in fact, when Rainbow Six Extraction was announced at E3 2019 (it was still Rainbow Six Quarantine back then) it was set to arrive in 2020. Riders Republic was announced in 2020 and originally meant to start hitting the slopes, trails, and lots of other rowdy riders in February of this year.

In the announcement for the Riders Republic delay, the development team says the extra weeks will be used to "fine tune the experience," and it will also give players another chance to jump in early and provide feedback - presumably via another beta, though the studio hasn't shared any specifics on that yet. Riders Republic is set to be a sort of spiritual successor to Steep, adding in an array of downhill sports and letting dozens of players tackle the same courses together in one big online, open-world, extreme sports extravaganza.

The Rainbow Six Extinction announcement post says the delay will "ensure Rainbow Six Extraction is the immersive, cooperative, and thrilling experience we set out to create," and that the developers will share more about the game "very soon." Extinction carries over the fundamentals from Rainbow Six Siege to create a tense three-player co-op game where you'll fight to clear out an alien infestation and rescue your fellow operators if they fall in the line of duty.

Even with the delays, Ubisoft still has some big contenders in the list of new games 2021: Far Cry 6 is now set to be its next big debut on October 6, and Riders Republic will follow just a few weeks later.

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