Rage 2 Easter eggs: Elon Musk and ID boss Tim Willits cameos, to wrestlers and the BFG 9000

Rage 2 Easter eggs - Secret Bunker

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise given how the game doesn't take itself very seriously, but there's a number of Rage 2 Easter eggs to find and discover across the wasteland. Some are fairly obvious, like Elon Musk's alter ego Elton Tusk, but others are much more subtle and you won't realise it's one of the many secrets in Rage 2. Read on for all of the Rage 2 Easter eggs available in the game:

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Rage 2 Elon Musk Easter egg

In a few buildings you might see some posters mentioning an Elton Tusk, an obvious riff on Elon Musk, but this is more than just a reference. Found elsewhere in the wasteland - marked on the map below - is a Secret Bunker.

We won't spoil the entire Easter egg for you but let's just say Elon Musk is now Elton Tusk, and you can head here whenever because you don't need to fight anything inside. We heard Elton is working on an electric version of the Phoenix.

Rage 2 Tim Willits Easter egg

Rage 2 Easter eggs: Tim Willits/Wimothy Tillits

If you're unsure on who Tim Willits is, he's the studio director on Rage 2. He's been with id Software since 1995, and his alter ego, Wimothy Tillits, makes an appearance in Rage 2. In the town of Wellspring, you can find Wimothy Tillits in a dark, dingy corner stroking a rat. He looks like he's covered in his own filth, and only slightly crazy, as are most of the other NPCs in Rage 2. Tim Willits isn't quite this mad in real life... we don't think.

Rage 2 wrestling cameos

Rage 2 Easter eggs - Wrestler names

In Gunbarrel, another of the friendly trade towns in Rage 2, a lot of the characters milling about have odd names. If you're a wrestling fan, you may have noticed this yourself already. Ronda Raynes, for example, is a combination of Ronda Rousey and Roman Reigns. Steph Rollins is a play on Seth Rollins, Dave Ambrosia refers to Dean Ambrose, and so on. Head over to Gunbarrel to find more and check them out for yourself.

Rage 2 BFG 9000 Easter egg

Rage 2 Easter eggs - BFG 9000

Image credit: GameWatcher (Image credit: GameWatcher)

Unfortunately, both the BFG 9000 and the Nicholas Raine armor Easter eggs are pre-order bonuses, so if you didn't jump on that before the game launched then you're too late now.

The BFG 9000 is a usable weapon in Rage 2 and you'll be more than familiar with it if you've played Doom. It's one of the most powerful weapons in the game so if you have pre-ordered, make sure you pick it up by the meteor right after the tutorial.

Rage 2 Nicholas Raine armor and Settler Pistol Easter eggs

Rage 2 Pre-order bonuses

Image credit: Bethesda (Image credit: Bethesda)

The Nicholas Raine armour on the other hand is a throwback to the armour worn by Nicholas Raine in the first Rage game. To equip it, simply enter the settings menu and find the right toggle. It doesn't provide you with any stat bonuses and is simply a cosmetic item, which is a very interesting choice given that you can't actually see your character model unless you're inside a vehicle like the Icarus. Nevertheless, you can grab it through the "Cult of the Death God" mission which is also a pre-order exclusive.

At the end of the same mission, you can also acquire the Settler Pistol which was the original pistol used by Nicholas Raine in the first game. There's no clues as to whether these items will become available for everyone at a later date, but keep your fingers crossed.

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