How to get the Warzone pumpkin head and show how good you are with flaming vegetables

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I know why you're here. You got killed by someone with a Warzone pumpkin head and want to know how you can get some seasonally scary headgear while you're playing. Well it's not that hard, assuming you can bring some skills to Warzone. So let's take a look at what the Warzone pumpkin head is and how you can wear one.

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How to get a Warzone pumpkin head

The simple answer to getting a Warzone pumpkin head is to get three kills. That's it. You won't know you've got it as there's no notification, but once you pass the three kill mark you'll magically becomes the pumpkin king of death. The only way you'll see your literal crowning glory is in the killcam once you die. It's basically something only other players can really see. The good news is that after being removed recently because of a bug, the Warzone pumpkin head is back in. So if you think you were denied the option in the last few days, that might be why. 

It doesn't stop there though, if you get 10+ kills the Warzone pumpkin head will light up, adding flames to indicate that, yep, you are someone to be feared because of your kill count (and not the flaming squash on your head that would normally be the worrying issue in everyday life). 

It's not a thing you can buy from the store or equip in anyway so don't go looking. It's just a transient seasonal jolly that comes and goes, so enjoy it while it lasts. 

What does the Warzone pumpkin head do? 

The Warzone pumpkin head doesn't actually do anything, except maybe make you stand out a bit more. There's no bonus to having one, and nothing you get for collecting them. It's just a bit of seasonal fun to earn while you're playing over Halloween. As we mentioned you won't even be able to appreciate it unless you die and get a shot of your killcam so it's a weird little reward. 

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