PS5 update lets you finally mute the start-up beep and adds Remote Play for Android devices

PS5 console
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A new PS5 software update is here, bringing with it Remote Play support on Android devices, and support for Dolby Atmos-enabled headsets.

The new software update just went live earlier today on August 13, and you can see some of the highlights of the new update for yourself just below. Remote Play being enabled on Android devices should be a huge new addition for the millions of PS5 players all over the world.

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It's not just phones though, because the new update now means Remote Play will work with TVs featuring Android TV OS 12 or later, as well as Chromecast with Google TV, but only on the 4K model. Finally, the Sony BRAVIA XR A95L of TV will also support Remote Play.

Elsewhere in the new update, we've got all the previous features that were available in beta. The last PS5 beta update rolled out right at the end of July, so we've been waiting just over a month for the likes of double the storage of M.2 SSDs to be implemented, jumping from 4TB of space to 8TB.

The use of Dolby Atmos-enabled headsets and other audio devices is finally out of beta and ready for everyone to use. There's also a big party UI update, meaning you can invite players into a closed/private party without having to start an entirely new closed/private party from scratch. Additionally, you can also send out group invitations to closed parties, instead of to one player at a time.

You'll also now be able to see a Screen Share preview whenever anyone in your party has the feature enabled, and players in your Friends List will have an icon denoting that you can join them in a game. Finally, you can search for games in your Games Library, and the Game Help cards have had a bit of an overhaul, making it easier to find both objectives and their corresponding hints.

Oh, and you can finally mute that PS5 beep sound! The sound has been the start-up noise for PlayStation consoles for generations now, but we've never had a way to actually mute it until now. That's some really good news for those who don't want to wake up anyone by turning on their PS5.

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