PS5 simulator allows you to setup a virtual next-gen console

PS5 Simulator
(Image credit: Alex Grade)

A new tongue-in-check PS5 simulator lets you live out the launch day experience if you haven't had to chance to yet. 

While the PS5 launched in the US almost a week ago, the certain countries are still waiting to get their hands on one, which is why a free-to-play PS5 simulator, has been developed by Alex Grade, makes it so you can live out the next-generation launch yourself.

In the simulation, a large parcel is delivered to your home where you can then unbox and attempt to set up using items around your in-game house. The game physics allows it so you can toss your PS5 around your living room, including the DualSense and it’s hilarious. 

“Wait no more, your ultimate PS5 experience is here! Poor cable management, snacks on floor and try not to break your next-game console in this non-AAA-game!” 

The PS5 simulator is only a small download, coming in at 947MB, so if you’re currently waiting for the delivery service to drop off your real-life package, this might keep you occupied for the time being. 

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