A PS5 restock is happening tomorrow - here's where

PS5 restock December 16
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A PS5 restock will be taking place at participating GameStop stores on December 17, however, the full list of locations has not yet been revealed. What we do know, however, is that the PS5 restock event will be starting as soon as GameStop's doors are open (usually 8am local time). 

According to various reliable sources, a small amount of PS5 bundles will be available (60 is the estimate) at several storefronts, but you'll need to be on it in order to walk away with one. Matt Swider broke the news by snapping a photo of a sign confirming the information inside a GameStop store. It's on a first-come and first-served basis, so slow and steady doesn't win this race.  

As with many PS5 restocks happening in-store, lines are expected to be long, and PS5 stock is far from guaranteed, so our best advice is to rock up as early as possible. These bundles are likely to be packed in with some of the best PS5 accessories (such as the best PS5 headsets) and best PS5 games

If you've had your eye on standalone PS5 restocks, however, then Amazon is reportedly planning Amazon Prime members-only priority drops from now until the end of the month. The world's largest online retailer has been very quiet for the past month when it comes to PS5 stock drops, so it stands to reason that there could be a surplus ready to go before Christmas. This is according to credible source @Wario64 on Twitter: 

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PlayStation 5 | $499 (Check Amazon)

PlayStation 5 | $499 (Check Amazon)
It's the full-fat PS5 console that features the UHD Blu-ray drive to run all your optical media on for the latest games both physically and digitally. 

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition | $399 (Check Amazon)

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition | $399 (Check Amazon)
If you're looking to save a little more money on your next home console and can forgo the disk drive, then the Digital Edition is the same great system that can save you $100. Just be aware that you're locked into buying from the sometimes pricey PS Store.

How to make the most of GameStop's PS5 restock

With limited PS5 bundles being available at GameStop tomorrow (December 17), we're here to offer the best PS5 buying advice so you have more of a chance of leaving the line with the system. 

1. Get there as early as possible. 

The PS5 restocks at Gamestop at taking place on December 17 as soon as the doors are open, though the full list of participating retailers has not yet been revealed. Our best advice is to get there as early as you possibly can to avoid any potential disappointment, as it's going to get busy. 

2. Not all bundles are created equal 
Given that PS5 bundles are all that's going to be available, with an estimated 60 or so per store, it's likely that PS5 packages featuring the latest times are going to be snapped up first. Aim for the moderately priced in-store options over the absolute cheapest.  

3. Be patient 
If you're unsuccessful at securing a PS5 stock at either GameStop or Amazon, then it's worth reiterating that PS5 restocks are still fairly common, happening at least once a week, even in the run-up to Christmas. Always wait for trusted retailers to have a stock drop again to mitigate any issues. 

4. Never buy from resellers / secondary sources 
We're continuing to see people online attempting to sell PS5 systems for far above their respective MSRPs online on some reseller websites. For as good as the console is, it's just not worth $800+ when PS5 restocks are still fairly frequent. 

Once you've secured your new Sony console, ensure you've got all you need heading into Christmas with our PS5 gift guide and best gifts for gamers

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