PS5 gets a special Twitter DualSense icon for launch day

(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

The PS5 is out now in North America, and Sony has a new Twitter function to celebrate the launch.

It turns out that when you like a tweet that contains the PS5 hashtag, instead of emitting a heart icon, you'll see a DualSense icon briefly flash up on your screen. You can test it out just below with the tweet from the GamesRadar Twitter account.

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This is obviously all part of Sony's launch celebrations for the PS5, which launches today in North America, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. Earlier today, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan published a blog post over on the PlayStation Blog, celebrating the hard work from the PlayStation team to get the next-gen console launched amidst a global pandemic, as well as thanking customers for sticking with PlayStation over the year so far.

The PS5 might have launched today in multiple regions around the world, but there's a staggered launch for other regions. For example, the UK and Europe will receive the PS5 in exactly a week from now, on Thursday, November 19.

It hasn't been entirely smooth sailing for the launch of the PS5 in North America, as you might have expected. Walmart Canada has warned customers that they might not receive their PS5 pre-orders for another two to three days, for example.

The PS5 launches today with a host of brand new games, including Demon's Souls, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and Spider-Man: Miles Morales. For a complete list of the day one games available now, check out our full PS5 launch games guide for more.

For a list of all the additional games that you can get on the next-gen console through PS Plus, head over to our PS Plus Collection games guide.

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