PS5 gameplay to be shown next week via hands-on demos from Japanese creators

(Image credit: Bluepoint)

Japanese YouTubers are going hands on with the PS5 next week, Sony has revealed in a new post on Japan's PlayStation Blog

The event, which is taking place as part of YouTube Gaming Week, kicks off from Sunday, October 4, at 1AM PST/6AM ET/9AM BST, and will see a number of popular YouTubers debut footage of them experiencing PlayStation 5 for the first time. 

It's unclear what exactly the content creators will be playing on Sony's next-gen console out of the list of upcoming PS5 games, but one of the PS5 launch games such as Demon's Souls or Spider-Man: Miles Morales seems like a pretty safe bet. 

The news also suggests we could be seeing the PS5 user interface very soon, as PlayStation head Jim Ryan has promised more reveals in the coming weeks as we ge closer to the system's November release. 

The PlayStation Blog post also says that Sony will "try to have popular channel creators of the YouTube platform experience PS5 until the PS5 release period", though it's not known if this is a promise reserved exclusively for Japan, or for the rest of the world. 

As always, we'll share any and every piece of next-gen news as soon as we hear anything more, so stay tuned to GamesRadar+ as we near the oh-so-close November  launch madness. 

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