PlayStation promises "really cool" reveals on the PS5 UI are still to come

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PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has revealed that Sony plans to show more of the PS5 user experience ahead of the next-gen console's release this November. 

Speaking to following the news of the PS5 release date and PS5 price reveal, Ryan teased "opportunities for greater engagement, and greater time spent on the platform" afforded by the new user experience of the next-gen console. 

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"We haven't shown yet any of the user experience of the PS5, and there's some really cool stuff to come on that", promised Ryan. 

"The stuff we've seen this year has astonished us, and opened our eyes to opportunities that we didn't think existed. So along numerous vectors, there are opportunities for us to grow our community and bring PlayStation to more people all around the world."

Indeed, despite its media blowout last night, PlayStation still has a number of questions to answer on PS5 stock, next-gen upgrade paths, and release dates for the likes of Horizon Forbidden West and God of War 2

In the same interview, Ryan also ruled out an Xbox Game Pass-style subscription model for PS5, claiming it's "not sustainable" for the budget of its first-party game development. 

Ryan's comments on the UI do, however, suggest the company has plenty more to show in the eight weeks left before PS5 launches across the globe, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on GamesRadar+ for the latest next-gen news as soon as it lands. 

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