PlayStation patent offers first rough look at the PS5 menu

(Image credit: Sony)

A newly discovered PS5 patent has potentially revealed more about the next-gen console's user interface, including a a more reactive, customisable home screen. 

Unearthed by TheGamePost, the document was filed with The United States Patent and Trademark Office back in 2017, but has only just become available for public viewing, and describes the "methods and systems to provide a user interface to access games available for a user account."

The accompanying images of the patent reveal a menu that doesn't look too dissimilar to that of the PS4's, though this early design document is by no mans a certified reflection of the PS5's actual home screen will look like when it launches later this year. 

Still, the description also references a system that will be able to analyse player's behaviour in certain video games, and offer stats and tips that could help them overcome certain obstacles, or improve their skill level. 

"Interactions provided by a user during gameplay are used to affect the outcome of the game." reads the document. "The interactions are analyzed to determine the game behavior of the user. Behavior metrics are generated for different portions of the game, based on the user’s game behavior."

We'll be hearing a lot more about the PS5 tomorrow, during PlayStation's Future of Gaming event, so there's every chance Sony will unveil official details on the console's user interface. If this patent is anything to go by, it could be a real game changer. 

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