PS5 DualSense controller works on PS3

PS5 controller, AKA DualSense
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It seems that the PS5 DualSense controller works very well with PS3 consoles, but not with the PS4.

A YouTuber by the name of MidnightMan has demonstrated how the PS5 DualSense works when paired with the two old Sony consoles, which you can watch below. 

The video shows a series of ways MidnightMan attempted to connect the controller, such as using the traditional way of plugging in a cable, but the DualSense failed to connect to the PS4. He then tried connecting the controller via Bluetooth and although the DualSense did register as a ‘wireless controller’ in the PS4’s Bluetooth devices menu, the controller wasn’t functional. 

MidnightMan attempted the Remote Play method using a number of devices. First he tried connecting his PS5 controller to his iPad and iPhone, but was unable to find a Bluetooth connection with both devices. On Windows, he was able to at least find the device, but was unable to connect to it successfully and on MacBook, it connected via Bluetooth, but was not functional. Midnight Man also demonstrated that the PS4 DualShock controller does work on all of the devices to confirm it wasn’t a tech issue. 

Finally, he directly connected the DualSense controller to his PC using the cable, and then connected via Remote Play. The attempt was successful, but the connection was bad and he claims that the DualSense is not the most consumer-friendly controller, as you cannot connect to a PS4 natively. 

Strangely, when the DualSense controller is connected to a legacy PS3, the connection is successful immediately. It makes you wonder how it’s possible for a next-gen controller to register with a PS3 but not a PS4, when the PS3 is over a decade old at this point. The DualSense has also been shown to register with a Nintendo Switch, as demonstrated in a Twitter video, as long as you have a third-party 8bitdo adapter. 

The PS5 release date is November 12 (US) and November 19 (UK) and will come with a DualSense controller included.

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