PS5 DualSense can work on the Switch with help from the 8BitDo adapter

(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

If you're currently waiting for your new PS5, you might be interested in knowing how your new hardware's options are wider than ever. Twitter user BrokenGamezHDR took to the internet to show off his DualSense controller being used on a Nintendo Switch. The connection was made using the 8BitDo adapter, which was designed to give Switch players the ability to pair existing controllers to the Switch based on personal preference.

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BrokenGamezHDR showed off the connection in a video, going through the console's menus and even playing a little Mario Kart. In a bit of irony, the new DualSense is in fact not compatible with the previous PlayStation generation. Players who are big fans of their PS5 hardware can look forward to using it on other consoles, so long as they have their own 8BitDo adapter to use. 

In the days leading up to the PlayStation 5's official release, there has been much talk of new capabilities and connections available for the DualSense controller. It was recently discovered that the controller would in fact work a few generations back on the PS3. It now looks like players can enjoy some Breath of the Wild with their new DualSense if they so choose.

Whether you want to use the new DualSense on your Switch or not, players can look forward to checking out all the parts of their new PS5 when it debuts on November 12. 

Get all the details on the PS5 and DualSense accessibility options before the big release date.

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