PS2 and Wii go WWII in Vanguard

Airborne, Frontline, Heroes and the massed ranks of Medal of Honors are to get a new recruit in the shape of Medal of Honor: Vanguard. Called up to be parachuted on to PS2 and Wii, this WWII shooter will be deployed in March.

Details are sparse right now but, after so many incarnations of the once seminal FPS, you've probably got a pretty good idea of what is required - Nazis and killing.

The plot sounds a little like PS3 and 360's upcoming Airborne with the game following a paratrooper from the 82nd Airborne Division as he battles across Europe. As Corporal Frank Keegan, you'll start the war in Operation Husky, the attack on Sicily, and fight right up to Operation Varsity inside Nazi Germany.

With developer and publisher Electronic Arts promising to take advantage of Wii's motion-sensitive controller, we're looking forward to more information and some screenshots for the latest MoH installment. We'll let you in on anything new as soon as we know more.

December 19, 2006