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Prometheus will receive an R rating

Prometheus will be rated R, according to Collider , who've got their hands upon a pre-sale ticket stub promising the kind of adult entertainment that made Alien such a nerve-jangling success.

Fox have always maintained that the film would not be tinkered with in order to achieve a broader certificate, and it would appear that they've been as good as their word if that little "R" on the stub is to be believed.

"I can assure the fans absolutely they can take it that the film will not be compromised either way," said Fox CEO Tom Rothman last month. "So if that means that the film is R, then it’ll be an R. If it’s PG-13, then it’ll be a PG-13. But it will not be compromised."

To be honest, having seen the latest trailer , the certification shouldn't come as much of a surprise. We're thinking of one scene in particular in which a crew members's helmet-clad head appears to collapse in on itself in an ashy mess… it didn't look PG-13 to us!

Prometheus will open in the UK on 1 June 2012. Not long to go now until Sir Ridley puts us through the mill all over again...

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